Time for a divorce

I feel like it’s time to declare to the world that I’ve been unfaithful. For roughly the last 4 years I’ve been cheating. I’ve had another in my pants, in the same bed I lay with my bride, I’ve secretly tucked away so I can check on her, and I’ve paid her more attention than my bride while on a date night. I’ve even had her bigger sister in my lap while my kids are playing outside. While it takes courage to announce to the world I’ve been cheating, I feel like I owe it to my bride, and not only let her know, but everyone else as well. I’ve been cheating on my bride with both my iPhone and iPad.

I may be able to declare this divorce but to actually go through with it is different. Who knows me better than my iPhone? She knows all my dirty secrets. She knows all my inner thoughts as I type them on her slim keyboard. She keeps me company in the Dr. office, when stopped at the red light, and in between innings at a baseball game. She reads my emails and text messages. She’s in on all my conversations. She may know me better than anyone. When things get sour with her, I get her big sister, the iPad.

With this big beauty I ignore all others around me for what seems to be weeks while I crush candy. I “glance” down for just a “minute” and next thing I know my kids are married and we’re grandparents. I get lost in the abyss of what is her memorizing size. I ignore all others while I check a fantasy football or baseball score. 80 degrees outside and sunny? No worries; I’ve got the mini one to take with while I get my tan on. Need a little motivation before a workout or run? She knows all your favorite songs as she knows exactly when to play them.

As I declare this separation I’m reminded of things I’ve missed while I’ve been “cheating”. My son made a great catch in the front yard. My daughter said the funniest thing. My bride asked me if I wanted snot soup for supper and my response was “Yeah. Sure. Whatever you think”. Turns out she thinks I should put my damn phone away and pay attention to my family. Turns out I agree with her. Your electronic devices may be fun but I feel like there’s a time and a place. My sons football game, my daughters program, or dinner with the greatest woman on earth is probably not the best of places to have a relationship with these beauties. Unlimited text messages, unlimited data, nationwide service, and the App Store are all great things, so is a smile from my daughters. Having that game at your fingertips is a beautiful thing, so is the embrace of a 5 second hand hold with my bride over a dinner with no kids.

While I appreciate what these gigantic phone companies do for me, I also tend to get a little upset. Not at the phone companies but at myself. I’ve allowed a few devices to take away from the 5 most important people in my life. From answering a text, phone call, email, or checking this or that, it’s all time away. So today I’m going to officially declare a divorce from my devices. Maybe not a full fledge divorce but at least a little space. Maybe I leave them them back for a grill out out or a walk with my family. With any separation it can be tough. I’ll have to know that space is needed. That time is important. With all this extra time that I’m away from these devises, I may squeeze in a game of catch or just a simple conversation.

Getting that picture of your little one taking their 1st steps is important. Is it so important that you have to look through a screen to get it? I know I can get my mom on the phone right now and she can tell me exactly where, and what she was doing when I took my first jaunt. Point I’m trying to make is this; while your head is down trying to set up your favorite device, you never know what you’ll miss if your head was up. From here on out, I choose to spend more of my time with my head up. I choose to look at the beauty that is my brides eyes. I want to see my oldest son throw the ball to my youngest son while they both smile. I’d rather look up and see both my daughters hoola-hooping in the driveway.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a thank you from my bride is far more satisfying than a picture. My daughter saying “Daddy, did you see that?” with me being able to say “Yes I did” is more important than the baseball score. I love my devices dearly but I love my family more. Moving forward I’m going to live my life with more of a heads up attitude. You just don’t know what you’ll miss with your head down.

That being said, this whole post was done on my iPad. This separation will be much harder than I thought



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