The Day After

Another Mom’s day has come and gone. I’m happy to say that my bride of 13+ years has celebrated 13 of these special days. Some of these days have been met with tough times. Others have been met with smiles. The one constant has been our children. Moms day is a day to give mom a rest and celebrate the permanent “S” that she so proudly wears under her shirt. I personally, am incredibly jealous of Mother’s Day. Let me tell you why Dad’s get the short end of the stick.

Sometime in June, I’m not sure anyone really knows, is a day on the calendar known as Father’s Day. Father’s Day is a fictional day that does not carry the same weight as it’s counter day, Mother’s Day. Moms day is in May while all the beautiful children of the world are still hard at work in school. Dad’s day is supposedly in June while said kids are at home for the summer. I here by petition to move dad’s day to September.

Let’s compare the two days. Moms wake up to her tiny ones who have surprised her with some French toast. Granted, that French toast was made with a stick of butter, an uncooked egg, and 2 slices of bread slapped together in a bowl, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. Dads wake up on their “special” day generally with a knee to the crotch from a rowdy little boy. Point goes to mom. 1-0 mom.

After that amazing breakfast in bed, it’s time to move to the living room for gifts. This is when the little tikes present their hand made arts and craft they did with the professional Michelangelos that our school systems employ as art teachers. Here moms receive Time Magazines dedicated specifically to them. They get such things as gigantic, beautiful butterflies that represent how special mom is. They are generally accompanied with some precious thing that her kids say like ” My mom is special because she cleans a room in 2 minutes” or “My mom is athletic because she watches my dad play softball”. Dads get a new tool for the grill. “Go cook dad”. My favorite stero typical dad’s day gift is a tie. Thanks. Guess I’ll wear this tie to work tomorrow where I’ll be reminded that I’m working which most people don’t like. Point goes to mom. I actually give this multiple points because there’s nothing better than homemade gifts from little kids. Mom 4-0

So after dad has spent countless hours slaving over a hot grill in the middle of June when it’s 108 degrees outside, he’s “rewarded” with “I’ll take that plate and do the dishes”. Great!! Thanks a bunch! But I generally don’t do the dishes anyway. Mom will get treated to a nice restaurant meal where not only does she not have to clean up, she doesn’t have to pay! She’s generally greeted by the server with a “Happy Mother’s Day!!” While dad is greeted by a hot, smoking grill. Advantage mom. I give this section 30 points because that’s how much the meal will cost. 34-0 mom.

Lets discuss moms day and sports. Major League Baseball celebrates moms day with pink bats. They show all of the world how important they are by donning pink all over the diamond. Grown men are wearing pink batting gloves with pink arm bands. Dallas Braden, a former pitcher for the Oakland Athletics celebrated moms day by throwing a perfect game! Sports celebrate dad’s day by…. well, I’m not real sure they do. I give this section 23 points due to that’s how many perfect games have ever been thrown. 57-0 mom.

It may sound like I’m complaining, and truth be told I am. No disrespect to my own mother (I love you mom 🙂 but my bride is the best mother on the planet. What she sacrifices for her family on a daily basis amazes me. I’m complaining because I’m ashamed my family doesn’t treat everyday like moms day. Dad’s day is treated very special at my house because my bride goes out of her way to make it that way. It’s almost like everyday is dad’s day when in reality, it should be more the other way. I score this section 308. This gives the final score 365-0 mom.

With the final score being 365 to 0, it’s a reminder that all moms out there deserve to be treated like it’s Mother’s Day. I need to wake my bride up with a properly cooked breakfast in bed in March as if it were Mother’s Day. I need to call my own mother in August and tell her I love her as if it were Mother’s Day. Kids need to make cards for their moms in September as if it were Mother’s Day. Without mom, none of us would be here. I wish I could say I treated my bride, my mother, and my mother in law this way. Maybe I’ll start doing so.

I do appreciate the grilling tool, the tie, and yes, even the knee to the crotch. Dad’s day is very awesome and I am very honored to be part of the special fraternity that is being a dad. The main reason I’m able to be a dad though is because the mother of my children has taught me how to parent. Without her, there is no dad’s day. She makes it special so my kids follow her lead and follow suit.

While most of this post is sarcastic and has a lot of light “humor” in it, the last two paragraphs are very real and sincere. I shouldn’t need a Sunday in May to call my mother and tell her I love her. I shouldn’t need a day on the calendar to give me a heads up to mop the floor for my bride. A guy could very easily plug in a vacuum and push it back and fourth a few times. I shouldn’t have to be reminded to extend my gratitude to those that have, and continue make my life easier.

So I petitioned to have Father’s Day moved to September, it should really be just another day we celebrate mom. I haven’t always been the best son to my mother but I hope to get better. To all current mothers out there your very appreciated on every day, not just a Sunday in May. To all future mothers out there, I hope every day is special for you, not just that Sunday in May. To a high school friend of mine who is less than a month away from being a mom for the 1st time after surviving breast cancer, you’ve been a mom your entire life. Moms give inspiration and care. You’ve cared for, and inspired thousands of people. You’ll be an amazing mother and I’m incredibly happy for you and your husband. I’m honored to call you a friend.

Mother’s Day will come and go. The love your mom, wife, and yes, even your mother in law, have for you will never leave. I’ll celebrate the day after Mother’s Day with a phone call to both my mom and my mother in law. I’ll tell them both I love them. I’ll thank both of them. I’ll celebrate that Monday by simply doing something for my bride without her having to ask me. After all, she does those things for me everyday.



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